ACCELerate NM – FREE Professional Development for 2022-2023

NMPED is excited to announce the launch of our NEW Professional Development Portal available to all Districts, Charters and Tribal Controlled Schools!

Each custom offering provides vertical support to the entire system with professional development that promotes accelerated learning practices and enhances educational best practices through the use of the New Mexico Educational Scope, System of multi-layered supports (MLSS) and high-dose tutoring. All providers will work closely with district/school leadership to develop a professional development plan that aligns with current needs and schedules.

  • Specialized consortia
    • Rural District: Districts that serve a total student population of 1,500 students or less face unique challenges. This specialist consortium includes one-on-one consultation to align vendor materials with current professional development plans and schedules. Click here to register for the Rural Districts Consortium!
    • Charter: State-licensed New Mexico charter schools exist to meet a variety of needs in our communities. For this reason, NMPED has developed a specialized charter consortium to provide professional development that meets the needs of YOUR teachers, staff and students. Click here to join the Charter School Consortium!
  • Custom alignment of the entire system: Provides a one-stop-shop for all district and school partners. NMPED will provide a selections rubric and ask the district or school to complete a brief needs survey. Once projects are selected, providers will begin planning with professional development sessions that align with the current district or school professional development schedule. Click here to sign up for Custom System-Wide Alignment!
  • Statewide Communities of Practice
    • The NMPED Curriculum and Instruction Division heard a dire need statewide for purposeful spaces that foster authentic communication, mentoring, coaching, and self-reflection. All statewide communities of practice benefit from the dialogue between people who come together to explore new possibilities, solve difficult problems, and create mutually beneficial new opportunities.
      • Teachers/educational coaches: Focuses on classroom support in planning accelerated learning and holistic student differentiation for better instructional practice and student support. Includes a $1,000 stipend. Click here to sign up for one or more teacher/educational coach communities of practice!
        • Content Specific: (Mathematics: K-5, 6-8, Algebra) (Language Arts: K-5, 6-12)
        • Teacher/Instructional Coach: Ensure teachers understand and use NMIS to implement accelerated learning principles so that all students have access to grade-level content.
      • Principals: Provides targeted professional learning opportunities to teams of principals, vice-principals, and instructional coaches to support the implementation of language arts and math acceleration strategies. Includes on-site and/or virtual coaching. Includes a stipend of $1,250. Click here to sign up for one or more of the Principals’ Communities of Practice!
      • District management: Explore the most critical components of accelerated learning and create plans to drive excitement, investment, and skill into your school systems using the Multi-Layer Support System (MLSS) and Instructional Scope of New Mexico (NMIS). Provides on-site and/or virtual coaching. Includes a $1,500 stipend. Click here to register for the District Leadership Community of Practice!

ALL New Mexico Districts, Schools, State Charters, Department of Tribal Education (TED), Tribal Controlled Schools and Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) are invited to apply for offers professional development programs that align systems and build capacity to implement the New Mexico educational reach, accelerated learning practices, NMPED’s multi-layered support system, and high-dosage tutoring!

NMPED is here to help you create a custom set of offers for your district or school! Please contact Michelle Korbakes below to learn more.

Michelle Korbakes, MS Ed | Accelerated Learning and Professional Development Project Manager

Email: [email protected]

Cell: 575.491.5773

Presented by the Curriculum and Instruction Division

High Quality Professional Learning Market List – 2021

The New Mexico Department of Public Education (NMPED) provides this High Quality Professional Learning (HQPL) Market List as a guide and tool for teachers, schools, and districts to identify professional learning provider programs that support the direction and ongoing implementation of higher education. – quality educational materials (HQIM). The HQPL market list includes vendor professional learning programs that have been reviewed and approved to ensure they demonstrate evidence-based strategies and results. The HQPL Market List is a resource that LEAs can use to begin the process of screening local professional learning needs.

PED is thrilled to announce the launch of a new Professional Learning Portal, which contains a consolidated list of supporting materials and content for educators.

Additional Professional Learning Courses

Additional professional development resources can be found on individual office pages.