The New Mexico K-12 Social Studies Standards define what students should understand and be able to do by the end of each year. The New Mexico Educational Scope for Social Studies was created to help educators gain an in-depth understanding of social studies grounding standards and unpack social studies standards for each grade level as well as other elements or principles that are part of the provision of a guaranteed, viable and equitable education. all the students.

How to use the Educational Scope for Social Studies:

  • Support lesson planning.
  • Guide teams to deliberately discuss, plan, model, plan scaffolding supports for students, and reflect on common teaching practices during professional learning community discussions.
  • Support the implementation of quality education that meets the needs of all learners.
  • Consider how to meet learning needs and where targeted scaffolding may be needed to help students access basic education at the grade level.
  • To be used side by side with high quality teaching materials.
  • Provides instructional support that contributes to equitable classroom structures and helps with lesson planning.
  • Helps design classroom learning environments that minimize barriers and maximize learning for all students.
  • Monitor student progress on assignments at their level.

What is included in the pedagogical scope of nm for social studies:

  • pedagogical principles
  • planning tips
  • Resources
  • teaching adapted to culture and language
  • transdisciplinary links
  • acceleration guidance
  • sample content/concepts
  • vocabulary for teacher development

We encourage you to read the NM Educational Scope in its entirety. You will find each section of the scope broken down into separate PDF files.

For assistance, contact staff at the Office of Literacy and Social Studies.

Educational Scope Reference Guides:

To better understand the Social Studies pedagogical scope documents, be sure to read the sections below in order, each of which is present in each pedagogical scope document.


1st To note

2n/a To note

3rd To note

4e To note

5e To note

6e To note

sevene To note

8e To note

High school