Posted on Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Last updated on Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Residents are encouraged to express their views on the Boughton and Dunkirk neighborhood plan while it is available for public consultation.

Neighborhood plans give local communities the opportunity to shape how future development is managed in their local area, giving people the opportunity to be involved in decisions that affect them.

The Boughton and Dunkirk Neighborhood Plan, organized by the parish councils in consultation with the local community, aims to manage the challenges of future development up to 2031 while maintaining a safe and affordable community where everyone has access to education facilities , health and recreation.

Cllr Mike Baldock, Chair of the Board’s Policy and Resources Committee, said:

“The Boughton and Dunkerque neighborhood plan outlines how the local community wants to manage future development while preserving the natural heritage of the area.

“The community is keen to maintain a safe and affordable place to live where families can raise their children with access to schools, doctors and recreational facilities, and where older people who have lived their whole lives in the village can stay and be cared for.

Cllr Monique Bonney, Chair of the Council’s Regeneration and Property Committee, said:

“The public consultation of the Boughton and Dunkirk district plan is now open and will be available for six weeks.

“I encourage anyone interested to review the plan and give their input, it is important that provision is made for the future of communities while preserving and protecting what we already have.”

The consultation takes place from Monday, June 13 to Monday, July 25.

For more information on how to view the plan and provide feedback visit – neighborhood-plan-consultation .