Melissa Erickson says transparency and a desire to help create a more engaged community are the main reasons she is running for Grande Prairie City Council.

The Grande Prairie lawyer says she has noticed that many residents have questions about decision-making in the city. She says she couldn’t think of a better way to try to create a more transparent and accessible city than to run for a council seat.

“It seems that there is a disconnect between the decisions made and the information not to say that it is not available, how is that information communicated to people,” she says.

“While there are a number of specific issues that people have discussed, this seems to be the central point: let’s get more information in front of people before making decisions,” she adds.

Erickson says that despite being a fairly frequent user of social media, she still finds herself missing out on information from city sources in this medium. She says that public interest in the city’s affairs is high, that a potential lack of community participation is not apathy, but it could be a lack of communication to disseminate information.

“In what ways can we engage with people outside of what’s already being done, because from what I’ve seen, it’s not enough,” she says.

“Don’t belittle the efforts that have been made so far, but if there is anything that can increase engagement, we should do it.”

The 2021 municipal elections will take place on October 18.